Domestic violence
education aiming to
cause victims to
get help.

Helping victims and those around them
recognise domestic violence.

Get help for
those who

You can help save and protect

It's highly likely you or someone you know is being impacted by domestic violence right now.

By creating educational projects and messages the GET HELP campaign aims to cause victims to get help whether this be through a friend, family, a service or police.

We may not be able or stop domestic violence altogether but we can cause people who need help to reach out and get it.

This site publishes articles and collections of books and videos to education the as many people as possible about this extremely complex problem.

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                                               Whose Life is it Anyway

by Deb Thomson
When Deborah Thomson met Wayne, she was a shy, introverted 24-year-old student. He was a loud charismatic young man. His temper was an issue but one she hoped they could work on. Four years later, the married couple now ran a business together, and their first child was born. Yet, any dreams of peaceful family life were quickly crushed by Wayne's increasingly violent and controlling behaviour. Life turned into a cycle of hope, fear and pain, and her marriage into a prison from which there was no escaping. It lasted 17 years. Based on the journals the author kept throughout the ordeal, Whose Life Is It Anyway is a chilling memoir of her agonising years living and working with her abuser.

Paperback $25.70
Kindle $9.99

Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men

by Lundy Bancroft

In this ground-breaking bestseller, Lundy Bancroft—a counselor who specializes in working with abusive men—uses his knowledge about how abusers think to help women recognize when they are being controlled or devalued, and to find ways to get free of an abusive relationship.

He says he loves you. So...why does he do that?

You’ve asked yourself this question again and again. Now you have the chance to see inside the minds of angry and controlling men—and change your life. In Why Does He Do That? you will learn about:

• The nature of abusive thinking
• Myths about abusers
• Ten abusive personality types

                                                    • What you can fix, and what you can’t
                                                    • And how to get out of an abusive relationship safely

“This is without a doubt the most informative and useful book yet written on the subject of abusive men. Women who are armed with the insights found in these pages will be on the road to recovering control of their lives.”—Jay G. Silverman, Ph.D., Director, Violence Prevention Programs, Harvard School of Public Health

Paperback $33.75
Kindle $19.99
Hardcover: $876.62
MP3 CD: $33.75

We urgently need funds to continue spreading our message through social media advertising, commercials, videos and films. Please donate now.

You could help save people from domestic violence now and for generations to come. Help now.